Newborn Prefolds: Part 1-what are your options?

by clfreestoneboopbaby

Back when I was cloth diapering my second (in 2012) the options for prefolds were a bit limited as far as mainstream brand prefolds go. I only knew about newborn, infant (size 1), standard (size 2) and premium (like a size 2 but fluffier).  He was already well out of newborn size by the time he came home from the hospital (9 pounds and wide). So we began using the infant prefolds but found the bulk of folding them down overwhelming and we gave up until he was about 2.5 months, at which point we pad folded them (also called tri folding).

Fast forward a few months and it seemed as though every retailer was in the prefold game and the sizing options exploded. Preemie, newborn, standard etc and now Xsmall, Small, Medium, and Large to boot. Some brands called theirs “smart fit” others “better fit” and I began to be overwhelmed.  Then Bamboo came on the scene…

As a mom expecting to cloth diaper her next kiddo from birth I began researching all the prefolds sizes and pictures of them on tiny babies and began to struggle with how many options there are. Enter the idea to test 5 different options at once.


 Osocozy Newborn Prefolds (Cotton)

Grovia Bamboo Prefolds Newborn

Osocozy Size 1 Better Fit Cotton 

Osocozy Size 1 Better Fit Bamboo

Osocozy Size 1 Regular Fit

Osocozy Size 1 Regular Fit Unbleached Cotton/ Cotton Babies Infant

Osocozy Newborn on top of Osocozy Size 1 Better Fit
Osocozy Size 1 BF Bamboo on left and Grovia Newborn on the right.
Grovia Bamboo and Osocozy Size 1 BF Bamboo fully prepped.
Grovia Newborn and Osocozy BF cotton on the right (fully prepped).


Size 1 Osocozy Unbleached (Infant)


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