Grovia Newborn AIO

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I daresay there is nothing cuter than a newborn in cloth. Being a HUGE Grovia fan I couldn’t wait to try out their Newborn Cloth All In One cloth diaper.

This diaper is tiny! It fits in the palm of my hand. The absorbency consists of 2 layers hemp cotton in the sewn in soaker and a additional layer of the same under the microfleece. We used the Grovia Cotton Boosters under the flaps to boost the absorbency.

This is little Miss P. in the Grovia Newborn at 1 week old weighing in at 8 pounds and is about 20″ long. We got a great fit in the legs, and loved the super soft stay dry microfleece lining.  At this point she was already a super pee-er or “heavy wetter” and could max the absorbency in about an hour.

At 12 pounds Miss P. can still “fit” the diaper but they are not a viable option for her. But they are these are all around  a great newborn AIO. I would recommend them for short periods of wear and especially for newborn photo shoots as they are so darn cute. They are are also a excellent option for a little kiddo who has a wetness sensitivity as they are incredibly stay dry (lots of microfleece lining throughout).

Ultimately, the Grovia Newborn cloth diapers are a super cute option for light wetting newborns who need a stay dry fabric.




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  • Dorothy Green

    i used on miss a four about 4 months it was sad when we grew out of them we love them

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