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    Cloth Diapering Basics - Cloth Diaper Covers

    Cloth diaper covers go over prefolds, flats, fitted diapers, or even over disposable diapers to keep in the poop explosions! They have excellent elastic, cute prints, and are adorable under dresses. You can use any cover as an all-in-two with any type of insert (detailed in this video) or with prefolds or flats (Demonstrated in the prefold and flat videos). They are an awesome, versatile addition to any cloth diaper stash. Most stashes need about 6-8 covers with 15-20 inserts, fitteds, prefolds, or flats. Note: Flips are in this video but appear in the all-in-two category.

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    How to use and fold prefolds. Osocozy, thirsties, and grovia prefolds shown.Prefolds: different brands and how to use them.

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