Cloth Diapering Basics - Prefolds

7 products

    7 products
    OsoCozy Bamboo Prefolds
    from $ 3.75
    OsoCozy Cotton Prefolds
    from $ 3.00
    Grovia Bamboo Prefolds
    from $ 9.95
    Thirsties Duo Hemp Prefold
    from $ 9.50
    Snappi 3-pack
    from $ 9.99
    OsoCozy Diaper Pins
    $ 3.50
    Snappi singles assorted colors
    $ 3.99

    Prefolds are one of the least expensive diapering options. In this video, we compare Osocozy, Grovia, and Thirsties prefolds. We will show you different techniques to put on prefolds as well as snappis, boingos, and old-fashioned diaper pins. These diapers are very cost-effective, though less convenient, but they make up for that in how absorbent they are! Add prefolds to your stash now! Or you can return to Cloth Diapering Basics to look at other options. If you feel confident in your cloth diaper lingo, go look through all the cloth diapers we carry!

    Watch three different ways to put on a prefold here:


    Add prefolds and fasteners to your stash now... 

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