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    Buy 3 Get 1 Free Grovia Hybrid Shells. Code: GroviaSummer

    Top 10 Holiday Themed Cloth Diapers

    by clfreestoneboopbaby

    Let’s kick off this countdown with the often-forgotten but still fantastic holiday colored solids.

    Top Holiday Solids: Pepper by BumGenius, Emerald by Imagine, Scarlett by Thirstes, Arcadian by Smart Bottoms, St. Lucia by ApplecheeksFluff and Scarlett by Rumparooz. All of these snazzy solids are perfect for every holiday celebration.

    FaLa Flip Cover BumGenius All In Two Cover

    10. FaLaLa by Flip (BumGenius)– This oldie but a goodie starts off our “prints” countdown.  We love this whimsical, two-tone masterpiece. Since it’s an All-in-two diaper cover, it will even last through a few holiday changes in one day.

    Winter Woods Thirsties Natural One Size All In One AIO
    9. Winter Woods by Thirsties– This beauty has a soft spot in our hearts. It’s everything we love about all the winter holidays in one: the amazing blues fitting for Chanukah, red for Christmas, and the magic white of winter snow.

    Nordic Winter Sweet Pea Bambo All In One AIO

    8. Nordic Winter by Sweetpea– Snowflakes, Skis, Snowshoeing, and festive holiday red. We think that this diaper is perfect all winter long and would make a great gift for winter sports fans.

    Leland Smart Bottoms Diaper Dream
    7. Leland by Smart Bottoms– For those not into the cutesy or cliché holiday themed diapers. Leland’s pattern is reminiscent of cozy flannel, perfect for your little lumberjack-in-training. Thirsties Duo Wrap Waddlin Wonderland Snap
    6. Waddlin’ Wonderland by Thirsties– Keeping it neutrally winter themed again. Thirsties captures the magic of winter with adorable penguins, Christmas trees, and holly berries.

    5.  Brawny Bears and Here Fishy Fishy by Planet Wise/Best Bottoms– gets us in the holiday spirit with beautiful reds and greens, but keeps the prints generic for year-round rocking. Jolly Drawer Dream Diaper Smart Bottoms All In One
    4. Jolly Drawers by Smart Bottoms– All the cozy goodness of a warm holiday sweater in a rich and earthy burgundy. We can’t wait for this diaper to go live on December 4th!

    All In One Cozy Critter Imagine Stay Dry Snap AIO

    3. Cozy Critters by Imagine– What’s more fun than a reindeer in a scarf? A reindeer in a holiday sweater (with a cameo from a festively attired owl.)

    2. Nordic by Rumparooz– With 3 trims to choose from: Scarlet, Fluff and Nautical, Rumparooz come close to taking the cake in this contest for the best holiday print diaper(s). With nods to both the Winter Olympics, holiday snow, and sweats, we can’t get enough of these prints. Now to pick one… Or two … Or three.

    Catch Me If You Can Best Bottoms Snap All In Two Cover Catch Me If You Can Wetbag Planet Wise Lite
  • Catch Me if You Can by Planet Wise and Best Bottoms–  From a gingerbread man taking a swim in hot cocoa to a yeti with a Christmas hat, you can’t ask for anything more from a holiday diaper. Even better is that it’s available in a Wetbag (by Planet wise) and in covers (by Best Bottoms).

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