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    20% off "Love The Earth" Collection . Code: Earthday2024

    Ring Sling by Moby Wrap

    by clfreestoneboopbaby

    We have been raving about the Moby Ring sling since its Winter 2017 release, this ring sling is everything we had been dreaming about. Its soft, breathable and supportive (100% cotton). It fits babies from 8-45 pounds and at $49.95 it is economical too! The Moby Ring Sling is also offered in gorgeous neutral colors: Ocean Twist, Jet Ribbons, and Silver Streak.

    A Ring Sling is an incredibly versatile carrier. It is perfect for comfy and cozy newborn snuggling on the front, and quick toddler hip carrying down the road. Those sweet tiny froggy legged newborns can ride legs in (weight on the bum) if they prefer, my sweet newborns spent much of their time snuggled up in a sling or wrap. We highly recommend doing lots of newborn snuggling with low cut clothing or shirtless, as kangaroo care is so important for developing babies and their parents.

    Ocean Twist Newborn Carry

    Around 6 weeks most kiddos will transition from naturally froggying their legs (curling up their legs towards their chests) to assuming a spread squat (M shape, knees higher than their bums). Some kiddos will prefer legs out from birth, every child is different. Baby must be close enough to kiss, have an open airway, and be snug and supported. A baby sits in a ring sling like you would sit sideways on a hammock (baby is not tied to you, but rather is supported in a seated position against your body). When wearing a child that is in footed clothing, make sure that the clothing is generously sized so as it does not compromise circulation to the baby’s feet.

    Front carry moby ring sling

    A ring sling will be most comfortable when the fabric on the back is spread wide and smooth. The supportive fabric of the Moby Ring Sling should allow for comfortable carrying for periods around an hour (longer for others, especially if rotating soldiers), for longer periods of carrying we recommend a carrier with a two shoulder/back support (like a Wrap/Soft Structured Carrier or Meh Dai).

    moby rin sling ocean

    One of our favorite situations to use a ring sling is during events where the wearer will be seated: church, restaurants, sporting events etc. My kiddos loved to see what was going on and so we would do the Kangaroo position (this is a carry where one hand is monitoring baby at all times).  We also like this carry for when I would work from home. My babies loved seeing what mommy was doing at the computer. This would also be an option for parents who are in a wheel chair. Baby needs to have excellent head control and should never sleep in the Kangaroo Carry position.

    Moby Ring Ocen Twist Kangaroo Pouch Carry

    My absolute favorite thing about a ring sling is how easy they are to nurse in (or make bottle feeding one handed). For maximum success I always suggest wearing clothing with easy access to the breast, then lower baby down slightly, lift the breast out and position baby where you are both comfortable. Baby or kiddo may even be able to nurse where they were originally.


    Moby Ring Sling Ocean Twist Nursing

    The tail (the fabric that comes through the rings) can also act as a nursing cover or as a sunshade. Nursing can be done in a front carry or hip carry, whichever is easiest for you. The hip carry position is used when baby is close to sitting unassisted (typically around 5 months). We love the hip carry for quick errands with a larger kiddo, like the Post Office or Bank.

    Moby Ring Sling Hip Carry Nursing

    We could go on all day with more reasons as to why we love the Moby Ring Sling, but ultimately we know if you try one out that you will fall in love too. For more tips on learning how to use a ring sling check out our videos here.

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