Overnight Cloth Diapering

by clfreestoneboopbaby

-Got cloth diapering in the daytime down pat, but can’t seem to figure out a nighttime solution?

-Have a kiddo who is soaking out of their disposable diapers and need something even more absorbent?

-Does cloth at night seem too overwhelming?

Overnight cloth diapering options are enough to make your head spin. But don’t despair, there are plenty of easy options to get your little one sleeping like a baby and waking up with dry sheets.

Start Here:

  • Consider Using What You Have
    • Using Pockets, AIOS? Try adding boosters to what you already use. Thirsties Hemp Boosters can add a lot of absorbency without a lot of bulk. You will have to check the leg fit as adding an additional insert can cause leg gapping in some AIOs and Pockets, but its still worth a shot.
    • If using covers already you are in great shape, you can add booster/inserts to te prefolds/flats or inserts you are using or use that cover over a fitted (an option we will talk about further down).
Bottom Bumpers Size 2 with booster
  • Grovia ONE
    • This super absorbent do it all diaper is a super easy overnight option. With 2 waterproof layers of TPU, super thirsty natural fiber inserts and its ultra stay dry fleece, you just can’t go wrong starting out trying these bad boys.
Grovia ONE




  • Fitteds and Wool:
    • This is often the option that people try when all else has failed, but I also consider it a great place to start, simply because there are so many benefits to using wool.
    • Wool is breathable, absorbent (so it absorbs a bit of what the fitted cannot), and antimicrobial (so you don’t have to wash it after every use), its also freaking cute too. SLOOMB makes the gold standard of wool covers, they also make Longies that replace winter weight pajama pants.
    • You want wool that is dual layered or made of interlock. Thin wool is great for daytime but often can’t handle the overnight flood.



  • Sensitive/Eco Friendly Disposables-
    • While the goal for some people may be to go all cloth that isn’t always the best option for everyone. For some disposable diapers are still the best option, remember there is no shame in not cloth diapering 100%. Using any disposable that works for you is just fine.
    • But for some kiddos who don’t do well in mainstream disposables because of their chemicals, a bamboo based disposable can be a great option. We tested several brands of eco friendly disposables and Aleva came out the clear winner. Many others felt scratchy, had bad leg elastic and didn’t absorb enough.


Ultimately, when it comes to finding a nighttime solution the options are endless. If you need any help finding a solution that works for your kiddo, please feel free to contact us through our Boop Baby Facebook page or group Boop Baby Support.


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