OhbabyKa Diaper Review

by Boop Baby

All-in-one and pocket Ohbabyka diaper review

OhbabyKa is the first diaper I got a look at from Amazon. Keep in mind that my youngest is three, so I haven’t had the opportunity to actually use these diapers on a baby. I also can’t speak to their quality or how long they last. I have, however, cloth diapered three kids so I have some experience with both regular market and grey market diapers. I was mostly interested in answering a couple questions: are Alva look-alikes actually identical to Alva diapers? I was also interested in comparing the re-branded Alvas to see how they differ in shape/snap configuration/quality. I definitely wanted to get a look inside the inserts as well. I was not disappointed.


OhBabyKa Video review and demonstration on YouTube Here

The OhbabyKa pocket diaper is exactly identical to the Alva I purchased for comparison, right down to the cut and snap configuration. I was fascinated to see reviews on the listing comparing the Ohbabyka to Alva and saying they fit differently. When I stack these diapers on top of each other, they are exactly identical. I am not sure who the original grey market manufacturer of the square tab style was, but I bought several of those to compare and they are exactly the same also. Comparing the AIO to the pocket, the AIO seems like it is better quality. I do take a serious, serious issue; however, with them advertising that they are 100% bamboo when they clearly aren’t. The inside is definitely fleece, but it feels and looks like microfleece (polyester) and not bamboo at all. Once you cut that open, there’s a thick 3-layer microfiber insert sewn in.

Microfiber inside the ohbabyka fleece.
Cut through the fleece on the outside – the inside is microfiber.

This microfiber feels exactly identical to Alva’s microfiber both in thickness and layers. They both are three layers, this one is just grey to add to the “Charcoal” feel of it.

I will be the first to admit I have plenty of microfiber in my stash. I am not a fabric snob by any means, and I have diapers that are microfiber that have been through three children. I don’t have a problem with microfiber. I do have a problem with Ohbabyka claiming this diaper is 100% charcoal bamboo when it clearly is not. I would actually love to know if there is any bamboo at all in this thing.

I also noticed that it was extremely thick in the tummy area, particularly when both tabs are snapped. It seems as though the fit of the three snaps on the square tabs would not lead to as good a fit as the rounded alva-style tabs of the pocket. Regardless, the AIO and pocket are two completely different patterns, cuts, and fits. If you like one, you may not like the other.

Also, the Ohbabyka pocket diaper only comes with one insert where standard Alvas come with two. This is an interesting difference. I will discuss more in detail about why Alva’s two inserts aren’t that great of a plan anyway. If you are curious, I weighed the Ohbabyka insert, and it weighed in at 1.6 oz. In comparison, the Imagine pocket diaper (which is legally made, tested, and imported) insert weighs 2.4 oz, so it has significantly more fabric and absorbency than Alva or Ohbabyka.

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