Babyhawk Meh Dai by Moby Wrap

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The Meh Dai is a beautiful carrier that was influenced by traditional Chinese and other Asian styles of baby carriers. Although previously referred to as the the Meh Tai this carrier is now more accurately referred to as the Meh Dai (Cantonese) or Bei Dai (Mandarin) loosely translated as “to tie.”

Petunia Pickle Bottom for Moby Wrap Meh Dai

In the early part of the decade, the Meh Dai was in its full hey-day.  A new brand of them seemed to pop up every day. This versatile carrier was getting all the love and recognition it deserved. Over the years the buzz over the Meh Dai has been over powered by other babywearing market newcomers, but it is still every bit as deserving of praise as it once was. Through out it all the BabyHawk Meh Dai has stood the test of time and has now joined the Moby Wrap family, making sure that stylish and affordable Meh Dais are even more accessible.

Moby Meh Dai Newborn

So what is so special about a Meh Dai anyways? First and foremost this carrier is so versatile! The Meh Dai is a true Swiss army knife of a carier. You can use them from 7-45 pounds (without an insert, see our video for instructions), they can be worn on the front, back or on the hip and last but not least they can be worn by multiple care givers with nothing to “adjust.” They only have a small learning curve for use and from then on you can be ready to go in a jiffy. They are also very compact and will fit in most diaper bags.

Moby Meh Dai by Babyhawk

We also love how economical a Meh Dai is! The Moby Meh Dai by Babyhawk retails for $54.95 in the Black Stripes and $59.95 in the Petunia Pickle Bottom collaboration prints. This is an excellent gift to give anyone interested in babywearing (or someone who may not yet be, but you know they would love it). It also makes an awesome back up carrier. I have had a Meh Dai in my car for years (going on eight now!) as an awesome option for when I may not want to use a ring sling or soft structured carrier.


Another amazing feature of a Meh Dai is how easy and comfortable they are to do a back carry with. A baby can be back carried in a Meh Dai when they are large enough to fit in it with their legs out and their mouth above the top of the carrier body. This means that many 4-month olds will be able to be worn in a back carry, in a Meh Dai.  For most children this is two months (or more) before they sit unassisted (the marker for wearing a baby on your back in a soft structured carrier). I find that at the age is also when so many babies are very interested in seeing outwards and being up high on their caregivers back is a great way for them to do this. I find this much more comfortable than any outward facing options, and it leaves my arms more free to do anything I need to do (laundry, dishes, helping big siblings).

Because the Meh Dai does not have a padded waistband it is very easy and comfortable to wear it while seated. I have worn one while traveling on public transportation (trains and public busses), and found it wonderful for this purpose. Last but not least it is simple to nurse in a Meh Dai, simply loosen the arm strap knot , to slightly to lower baby down, then refasten it when baby is at a level where nursing is most comfortable. When kiddo is done nursing simply readjust and re-tighten and you are good to go. For further help with how to nurse in their carrier or any others, shoot us a message to our Boop Baby Facebook page.

Ultimately, the Moby by Babyhawk Meh Dai is an amazing carrier for anyone looking for a carrier that is versatile, economical, stylish and comfortable.











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