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    20% off "Love The Earth" Collection . Code: Earthday2024

    Moby Fit: Adjustable Wrap Carrier

    by clfreestoneboopbaby

    Moby Fit Carrier Back View

    We have always touted the Stretchy Wrap as the softest and snuggliest carrier, but have at times lamented the occasional tedious nature of “wrapping on the go.” As such we are so excited for the Moby Fit combines the snuggle factor of stretchy wraps and the ease of a soft structured carrier/ring sling.  Simply put the carrier over your head like a T-shirt and place baby in the two fabric folds, adjust, tie the safety sash,  and you are good to go!



    The Moby Fit is designed for children 8-30 pounds, made of 100% cotton and is currently only available in black (we are sure Moby will add more beautiful colors to their lineup over time). We found the carrier incredibly quick to put on, it even comes pre-threaded so you can use it right out of the box! This carrier is also One-Size fits all, we found the sizing very generous (our tester is very petite and she had several feet of adjustment left on either tail). Thus this carrier is fantastic for sharing between multiple wearers of various sizes.

    Moby Fit Carrier Front Carry

    We have been pretty vocal about the fact that we don’t like “stretchy wraps” past about 18 pounds and we wish we could say that the Moby Fit is an exception. Although Miss P our tester LOVED the snuggly fit of the carrier “the wearer” did not find it as comfortable as non stretchy wrap carriers (woven wraps, Meh Dais, Soft Structured etc).

    Moby Fit Weight Test

    Since our tester was so reluctant to come out of the carrier we ended up using the carrier in a seated position for quite a bit of time. We found that it didn’t interfere with sitting comfortably (like a Soft Structured waistband) or other wrap that may need to be tied off in the back. Most wearers will be able to tie up the excess fabric that comes out of the rings, on their front. This carrier would be a great option for a work from home parent trying to take care of a newborn or a wearer that may need to remain seated for long periods of time.

    Moby Fit Carrier

    The Moby Fit while great for snuggling, it can be used in an outward facing carry when baby is six months old. This position will not be as comfortable as an inward carry but is a great option for short term carries.

    Ultimately, we are very excited about this carrier joining the Moby Wrap family, we think it’s perfect for people who want speed/ease of use without sacrificing coziness. At its modest price of $54.95, if you don’t need it for your own babywearing stash, it makes a wonderful baby shower gift for someone you love.


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