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    Imagine Bamboo Fitted 2.0 Review

    by clfreestoneboopbaby

    We were SO excited when we heard that Imagine was revamping their Bamboo line. We had always loved how absorbent their bamboo product line was, but we had concerns with the fit, sizing and fabric. Imagine must have heard our concerns because they have addressed all of these issues in the 2.0 and we are happy to report that we are now HUGE fans of the 2.0 Bamboo fitted. This fitted is a bargain at $16.95, which makes it one of the most inexpensive night worthy fitteds on the cloth diaper market. It is a great option under a PUL cover as well as under Wool.

    Above and on the left is the Bamboo Fitted 2.0 in Lilac and on the right is the Original. Both have been washed and dried 3 times when these photographs were taken. Both photos were taken at the same time of day, from the same spot. The 2.0 as you can tell is a slightly different fabric, it is still a bamboo terry but this time it has a bit of a velour feel. If you have tried the Tots Bots PeeNuts inserts, you will fine this fabric to be lusciously similar. This new bamboo fabric stays much softer than the previous version, that was a bit prone to feeling like a towel as it gets older.

    2.0 Left, Original Right

    Another large change has been made to the pattern. When measured the 2.0 is about 25% larger than the previous version. Both still run wider than other brands of fitteds, but this allows one to easily add an extra insert if needed (which they most likely won’t be as this diaper is VERY absorbent as is, but its nice to have the option).  Also note that the back “flap” has been removed in the 2.0 version, this is a nice change as we found that area took a lot of extra time to dry in the clothing dryer.

    Our model (little Miss P) is 28″ tall and 19.5 pounds. She is 8 months old and is in the 75th percentile for height and weight. On the left is the Original and on the right is the 2.0. Note that we need a different rise setting with the increased size of the body and insert of the fitted. Note that the back “flap” that the Original had created some extra “fluff” at the top of the bum, which we found to look a little awkward under clothing. When you zoom in on the Original, also note that the fabric was very prone to fraying (simple the nature of that fabric).

    We have always considered the fit of the Imagine Bamboo Fitted to be too bulky for daytime use, and given the sizing increase with the 2.0, we will continue to use this diaper exclusively for nightime and naptime use. Especially since the insert and body of the fitted are large the absorbency of the diaper has increased significantly. We often use this diaper overnight for my heavy wetting daughter. We use it under an Imagine Cover, Rumparooz Cover, Thirsties Size 2 Duo Wrap, Blueberry Coverall, and a Blueberry Capri. This fitted also works especially well under Sloomb Longies and Covers.


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