How-To “Be Quick” With Jujube

by clfreestoneboopbaby

Have you seen the Luvs commercial where the mom of one kiddo leaves the house with a HUGE bag and then with their second kiddo grabs a diaper and wipes and is good to go? If you haven’t its worth the late night giggle. Anywho… That is how I have been feeling these days, as my third kiddo enters full blown toddlering, I have cute WAY back on our outing “needs.”


Model number three is almost two and is able to hold her bladder for a few hours, so diaper changes out and about on quick errands can usually wait until we get to the car. We no longer need to pack the house with toys, blankets, burp cloths, 5 outfits and the kitchen sink, just to run in and out of Target (okay who are we kidding its usually a long trip with kiddos no matter what). Thankfully these days, we now save the above packed Be Right Back for day trips to the zoo (packed for above).

Be Quick Jujube Hoboboe East Hampton


I admit I am someone that LOVES to be prepared for every scenario but I also HATE having a huge bag with me. My secret to making both sides happy is to divide and conquer. I now have a small “Be Quick” (the coral flamingo bag above) to hold the absolute bare minimum essentials and keep the rest in my Hobobobe Diaper Bag/Purse (grey stripe bag) and keep a designated “car bag” in the trunk with the bigger back up supplies (like the Be Right Back featured above).

Key West Flamingo Be Quick Jujube Diaper Bag

So what do I take in on the those supposed ” Quick” trips? I start with my wallet (won’t get too far without the $$, though I do love apple pay). I adore the pretty though large wallets that fit a checkbook but I just can’t bring myself to go big. I could even possibly get away with a small set piece of the Jujube Be Set or a Be Charged.

Grovia Julep Smart Bottoms Mini Bag Romper

I feel like at least one diaper and wipes is best on the safe side for those sneaky poops or flood pees (though I like 2 to be even safer). As a cloth diapering mom I also consider a wet bag a must,  my favorite compact wetbags are the Smart Bottoms Small On the Go Wetbag and the Grovia Wetbag. I could also sneak in a cloth wipe or two alternatively to the Huggies Wipes case.

Pull on Romper

Though some would deem it a car bag item I LOVE having a small back up outfit to use. This one piece stretchy romper is a perfect summer or winter back up outfit. It’s really all we need to make it out of the store bathroom post poo apocalypse with our dignity intact.

Toiletry Bag Diaper Bag Mom Essentials

I am a newbie to Jujube so I don’t have a Be Set to divide out my toiletry items but an Ipsy Bag is doing a good interim job. I love having a Be Set Medium Piece size bag for toiletries, makeup, band aids, and hand sanitizer, then if I ever do want to just have a have a mythical Girls Night Out), I can pop it and my wallet in a cutesy handbag and be on my way (though the Be Quick does make a cute handbag on it’s own.

Key West Be Quick Chimparoo Trek Fiesta

As a baby wearer I also appreciate the benefits of packing light. I love that the Be Quick can be a handbag or a purse (the straps can move from wristlet to handbag strap). I simply attach it to my carrier waist band and we are good to go. This is especially useful in back carries because bags are hard to carry with a toddler on your back.

Have any awesome tips for packing light? Show us your setup! We love learning new ways to pack light and efficiently. Show us your awesome packing set ups.



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