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    20% off "Love The Earth" Collection . Code: Earthday2024

    Grovia Swim Diaper Review

    by clfreestoneboopbaby

    My kids are basically fish, even as tiny babies they are happiest splashing around in the water, we frequent beaches or pools year round. Over the years (we are on kiddo number 3 in cloth) we have have had the chance to put several cloth swim diapers to a solid test (well actually a liquid test but anyhow). All that we tried kept coming up short. We really wanted a diaper with:

    1. An absorbent inner lining
    2. Front and back elastic
    3. Waterproof outer layer
    4. Adjustable/Snaps for an easy on and off


    The Grovia Swim diaper ticks all of my boxes, and it is super cute to boot!

    We super appreciate the soft terry absorbent liner because its a requirement of health code laws for the pool. They require a “double diapering” stating that the diaper must have an absorbent layer, front and back elastic and a waterproof layer (the swimsuit) and Grovia does it all! Because of that absorbent lining we have used the Grovia Swim diaper as a training underwear (we also love the Grovia My Choice Trainers for potty training).

    The stretchy sides (just like the Grovia AIO) and adjustable snap settings side are a feature we have come to appreciate as my kiddos have all unfortunately been prone to #2 episodes in the pool. With a previous brand of swim diaper that we used we we found post swim diaper changes to be vary precarious. The double side snaps make diaper changes a breeze (always remember to change kiddo far away from the pool area for sanitation reasons). Not only that but the side snaps allow for a slight size adjustment, which is so important for getting the nice and tight fit that swim diapers need.

    Last but not least the Grovia Swim diaper comes in at a budget friendly $14.95!  We recommend owning two swim diapers so that you have a back up in case one gets soiled.

    Not sure what size you need? Go with a size down if kiddo is between sizes (they do run quite true to size, but some kids will be an exception). Or better yet come on in to Boop Baby and have kiddo try one on (over a disposable diaper). We know you will fall in love with it like we have.




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