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    Family Friendly Halloween Activities

    by wilsonjessica11
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    Halloween is approaching so quickly!  I thought it would be perfect if I could write a blog post about different family friendly activities that are free or cheap during this fun season.  There is only one thing on my list that you need to live in a place where seasons change, but the rest are things that everyone can do!

    Leaves Changing
    This brings so many possibilities for families!  You can take a drive to a place nearby with lots of beautiful trees to view the changing colors.  You can rake up the leaves in your own backyard and let your kids jump in the pile.  You can even do arts and crafts and use the leaves that have fallen to make necklaces, paintings, or even a sensory activity.  Who knew that something so simple could bring so much fun?

    Pumpkin Patch
    This is one of my all time favorite things to do during the fall.  Visiting pumpkin patches can be so much fun!  There are usually a good amount around, and some of them provide different free or cheap activities that you can do while visiting the patch.  It’s also fun to see if they offer any other produce or homemade items while you are there.  The highlight for my kids is picking out their very own pumpkin, but that doesn’t always have to happen.  You can simply just visit the pumpkin patch and look at all the different kinds that they have.

    Pumpkin Carving/Painting
    This definitely goes along with the pumpkin patch, but you can always just grab some pumpkins at the grocery store.  Carving pumpkins is so much fun, but I understand if that doesn’t seem very appealing to you if you have little ones at home.  I like to paint pumpkins with my kids since they are so young.  It is much safer, definitely super messy, but they have so much fun picking out different colors to paint the pumpkins and display them on the front porch.  My advice with painting pumpkins is to maybe look for white or light colored pumpkins, it makes it easier to see the paint.  We tried green and orange pumpkins, and the colors didn’t show as well.  We didn’t have the best paint though, so that could have also been a factor.

    Movie Night

    This is something you can do all year round, but it is so much fun to pick out a Halloween movie or a movie that takes place in the fall.  You can provide lots of yummy snacks that fit the occasion, such as popcorn and candy.  For drinks, you can do something like apple cider or hot chocolate to make sure you get nice and cozy for the movie.  Make sure to grab a comfy blanket, and get ready to have a fun night.

    Driving/Walking Around Neighborhoods
    Something fun that I started doing last year was to take my kids on walks or drives in neighborhoods with tons of Halloween decorations.  This gives us a way to get out of the house, and to admire the fun and scary things that people are using to decorate their houses.  The kids love this!  They think it is so cool to see the houses dressed up for Halloween.

    Local Trunk or Treats
    This is always so much fun!  If you have never been to a trunk or treat, it is where a bunch of people gather together, decorate the trunks of their cars, sometimes dressing up to match the theme, and pass out candy!  It’s a fun way for kids to trick or treat!  If you live near our store, you can bring your kids to come to our trunk or treat event that we are having on October 23rd from 11-1pm. 
    I hope that this list gives you some fun and easy ideas of things you can do for Halloween this season.ReplyForward

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