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    20% off "Love The Earth" Collection . Code: Earthday2024

    Diapering Beyond One-Size: Applecheeks Size 3

    by clfreestoneboopbaby

    Diapering a kiddo that falls outside of the “One-Size” diapering systems is a daunting challenge. Using a trainer instead also presents its own set of challenges as it makes having to remove the diaper complicated. Switching to disposable diaper that are size 6 plus are not only expensive but are often hard to find. As such we think it is absolutely amazing that more and more retailers are hearing the needs of these customers and making products to fit the needs of these kiddos.

    The Applecheeks Size 3 Envelope Cover is a cover/pocket combo marketed as fitting 40-60 pounds. Our model is 5yr and 45lbs and is 42″ he is well within the parameters for fitting this size (although slightly longer in the rise would be wonderful).


    It is recommended to stuff these pocket/covers with their 3 Ply Tri-lfold Bamboo inserts (sold separately). We have also had great luck with the large Thirsties Prefolds that we already had on hand.

    You could also stuff them with a variety of insert combos or use them over disposables for blow out protection (this is often needed in situations where children receive “bowel cleanouts,” or have other sources of bowel unpredictability (below is a Size 6 Kirkland Disposable Diaper).


    Ultimately, we think that the Applecheeks Size 3 envelop covers are a wonderful option for diapering an extended size kiddo.

    If you are looking for an option for a child who is using the toilet most of time. The Super Undies Overnight Undies or Rumparooz Lil Learners may be a better option for your child. Need help deciding what is best? Message us via our Facebook page.


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