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    Chimparoo Toddler

    by clfreestoneboopbaby

    Over our many babywearing years we have gotten the chance to try a large  variety of Toddler sized carriers, but this is our new favorite! The Chimparoo Toddler Trek is the first adjustable height toddler carrier. It can fit children from 31.5″ and up (from 18 months-4 years, and 25-60 pounds). This carrier is brand new and come-on 3 gorgeous neutral colors. Ocean, Graphetti and Lime (used in this review). This carrier retails for $165.95 so it is right in line with other Toddler sized carriers on the market.

    Buy the Chimparoo Trek Toddler Carrier Here

    My kiddo is now two years old and spends lots of time running around but sometimes toddlering is stressful and some snuggles are in order. We find back carries comfiest but a front carry is still possible.

    Our petite tester find the carrier easy to adjust down to her size. The waist band and shoulder straps went plenty small enough (this is not the case in other brands of toddler carriers).


    Our taller tester and her 4 year old kiddo also loved the Chimparoo Toddler Trek and too found it very comfortable. For carrying a taller child we chose to lengthen the body of the carrier. There is also the option to extend the body of the carrier with stirrups (sold exclusively at Boop Baby).

    Toddler Trek Lime Back Carry

    When front carrying a larger kiddo we prefer the option to cross strap carry. This is super simple to do with the Trek Toddler. Simply cross the straps and buckle under the arms.

    Buy the Chimparoo Trek Toddler Carrier Here

    Lime Trek Front Carry

    When wearing a younger/smaller kiddo you will need to adjust down the body of the carrier with the ties at the middle of the carrier body (in my hand). The straps can also be shortened with the Perfect Fit Adjustors at the shoulder.

    Chimparoo Trek Lime

    Another huge plus of the Chimparoo Trek Toddler is its massive pocket! Big enough for any size phone and probably a spare pair of undies/shorts for a potty learning toddler.

    Buy the Chimparoo Trek Toddler Carrier Here

    Chimparoo Trek Toddler

    Ultimately, we are so excited about this gorgeous, adjustable and versatile Toddler carrier entering the market.

    Toddler Trek Lime Back Carry

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