Bottom Bumpers Size 1

by clfreestoneboopbaby

Looking for a super absorbent and easy to use Size 1 All In One?

Have a bigger newborn but don’t necessarily want to go straight to One Size diapers?

While Bottom Bumpers have been around a long time, they have done some redesigns in the last few years, that have left me and others very impressed. Instead of simply offering a Sized system of Small, Medium and Large they now offer a Size 1 that fits 7-18 pounds, a Size 2 that fits 15-30+ and a One Size that fits 8-35+. Their 2 size system comes in Aplix and Snaps and do not have rise have rise snaps. All of their diapers are made in the USA and are made of natural fibers (cotton and bamboo velour), they all also have 3 snap in inserts made of 100% cotton and the top inserts are all bamboo velour lined. The body of the diaper is also an absorbent layer of cotton but includes a anti-wicking PUL lined tummy panel (which makes them especially great for tummy sleepers and little boys).

The crotch of the One Size and the Size 1 are both very narrow, giving them a very trim fit. Absorbency is definitely not being sacrificed as they still include so many absorbent layers.

The pictures below are the Bottom Bumpers Size 1 on Miss P when she was 8 pounds and 20″ long.

We did unfortunately experience a little leg gapping, but this can be remedied by what is called “pulling up the wings.”

At 10 pounds and 21″ we started to great a great leg and belly fit. At this point we used them as our sole diaper bag diaper, since it is so easy to put on (compared to prefolds and a cover), and because we appreciate how much pee it can hold (little Miss is a decent wetter).

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