Babygoal Cloth Diaper Review

by Boop Baby


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Here is a short overview of the Babygoal cloth diapers. They are available on Amazon for around $8 and claim to have a bamboo insert. I was very impressed by this price point, since I know how expensive bamboo fabric can be. Once I got the diaper and took it apart, it was fairly obvious why they can sell it for such a great price!

The pattern:

The pattern is an exact replica of the Alva pattern, they have simply rebranded it with the name “Babygoal”, which is featured on the tag. Upon comparison, the cut and sewing and even snap configuration is identical to Alva diapers.

Babygoal Cloth Diaper
An exact replica of the Alva diapers. No difference in construction or materials.

The insert:

This is where the Babygoal differs from a normal Alva diaper. They claim to have a bamboo insert, which I guess it is, sort of. Alva comes with two 3-layer microfiber inserts, though you can “upgrade” your Alva diapers to include these inserts. Alva microfiber are pretty bulky and not absorbent enough alone, so that many people need to stuff both inserts into the pocket. Babygoal only includes one insert, I suppose because they say it is bamboo, which is oftentimes more absorbent than microfiber. It is not so in this case. Once I cut open the bamboo insert, it was fairly obvious that it was a 2-layer microfiber insert with the thinnest bamboo terry you can possibly imagine sewn to the outside of it. Even though my children were not particularly heavy wetters, I think even they would have needed two of these inserts to keep from leaking.


The fit:

The fit on our babywearing doll was actually really good. It was very trim without the normal weird gaps around the belly/legs that are typical with Alva diapers. I attribute this to the thinner insert, and I also think that it is not very relevant because most babies will need an additional insert in the diaper to keep the leaks away. Once you add more absorbency to this diaper, it will have the same gapping problems that Alva has.

Babygoal diaper fit
It fits so well because there’s almost no absorbency in it!

In conclusion:

This diaper is ok. You will end up spending additional money on more inserts in order to use it. The alternative I discussed in the video is the Elemental Joy, by bumGenius. The shell itself is $8 (the same cost as Babygoal) and we sell individual flats for $1.75 (cotton) and $2.75 (Bamboo). So, once you have bought another grey market bamboo insert to make this diaper useable, you will have spent $11. For an Elemental Joy with bamboo flat, it will cost $10.75. $9.75 if you use a cotton flat. Most babies will not need an insert in addition to the flat in an Elemental Joy, so it is a much better investment. As an added bonus, they have passed all the lead testing required by US child safety laws.

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