Cloth 101

A very quick introduction to the different types of cloth diapers.

  • All-in-One
  • Absorbent part sewn into diaper
  • All one part, does not separate
  • Does not require a cover
  • Pocket Diaper
  • Pocket in the back
  • Inserts need to be "stuffed" before use and removed before washing
  • No separate cover required
  • All-in-two
  • Absorbent inserts are laid or snapped into a waterproof shell
  • Need only change the inserts when wet
  • “Hybrid” AI2 systems have the option of a disposable insert
  • Fitted Diaper
  • Made entirely of absorbent material
  • Great for overnight or heavy wetters
  • Closes with snaps or Velcro
  • Requires a waterproof cover
  • Prefold
  • Very inexpensive cloth diapering option
  • Change only the prefold unless the cover is dirty
  • Trifold or apply with pins or a snappi
  • Flat
  • Requires folding, least expensive diapering option
  • Easily hand washed

Cloth Diaper Care

  • Use any detergent that is free of softeners
  • Cold rinse cycle
  • Hot wash with normal amount of detergent for load size, second rinse
  • Hang dry or dry in dryer

How Many Diapers do I Need?

It really depends on how often your baby pees. Here are some good guidelines if you’re planning to wash every other day:

Newborn – 3 Months: 28-30 Diapers

3 Months +: 20-25 Diapers