Boop Badges

Here at Boop Baby, we want to reward you for being the responsible adult we know you are! We are doing limited runs of exclusive badges for you to reward yourself when you do something great! None of us care if you are running marathons or just trying to eat a vegetable. You should do what works for you and congratulate yourself for doing your very best with what you have every day! 

Every order will get a random Boop Badge inside, which is pretty cool. Even cooler, however, is if you instagram yourself with #boopbadge being a very responsible adult and earning your badge, you could win exclusive Boop prizes, Boop Bucks, or just cool Boop stuff! Wow! We are excited to celebrate all your accomplishments with you on social media!

If you are a Boop Badge collector, you can feel free to request a badge from any of the ones we have currently available! We will do our best to fulfill your order so you can get the most use (or most motivation!) from your adulting badges.

Make sure to nominate your requests for future badges by #boopbadgenomination on instagram!

Currently Available Badges:

  • I ate a vegetable today!
  • I went grocery shopping
  • I folded laundry!
  • I showered today
  • I paid bills today
  • I held in sarcasm today
  • I was on time today!

Remember to post in the comments of your order which one you would like.