Cloth Diapering Basics - Fitted Diapers

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    3 products
    OsoCozy 2 Size Fitteds
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    Thirsties Natural Fitted - One Size
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    Luludew Cotton Velour Fitteds
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    Fitted diapers are very absorbent, with absorbency all the way around. They are user-friendly, with snaps instead of using pins or a snappi to hold them on. They do need a waterproof cover, unlike all-in-ones and pocket diapers. They are an excellent choice for overnight, heavy wetters, or for parents who want an absorbent diaper with the option to go coverless from time to time (change baby when the outside begins to feel damp). We take an in-depth look at the thickness and absorbency built into each of the fitted brands that Boop Baby carries. You can shop for fitted diapers below or go on to the next video:

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